Friday, 24 February 2012

Sneaky ex-bats

Time I think for an update to happenings in the Naughty Chicken garden. There has in fact been relativly good chicken behaviour. This isn't normal. Not at all...not in this garden...they must be up to something...and this has me slightly concerned.

But don't be thinking they've all grown glowing little rings that hover and twinkle just above their combs. Let's take Henny for example, our little ginger ex-bat who frequently breaches the netted area in which they roam. She knows she shouldn't (she has of course been told), but this doesn't stop her she just gets a bit more...what's the word....ah yes, sneaky.

I'll elaborate; Mrs C was on the phone (probably talking kittens - we'll come to that!) when she noticed a certain little ex-bat in a place said certain little ex-bat shouldn't be. With no major carnage being wrought upon the garden Mrs C finished her call before going to sort out latest escapade. But by then Henny wasn't outside of the netting she was back inside giving Mrs C that  curious slighly wonky look and clucking the chicken equivalent to an innocent whistle.

One little ex bat that is certainly learning mischief. And loving the sun too on those infrequent occasions it decides to peep out from between the clouds. Whenever it does, Henny seems to find her way onto the bench at the bottom of the garden for a nice bit of sun worship (usually followed by Red who prefers to be lifted up onto the bench as jumping seems far
too energetic).

Right then. Kittens. I wholly blame TBIL and his fiancee for this predicament. They got themselves two fluffy little kittens, one of which was a little too feisty for the dog and had to go back - but not before he asked Mrs C if she wanted a playful little grey kitten. For various reasons it didn't work out but the idea has been planted and it does appear to be growing...

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